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Announce Your Position to SPN Members

Send an email announcement notifying our members of your job posting for $750 (50% off the normal e-blast price of $1500).

  1. Email info@pedsnurses.org with a link to your active job posting as well as your receipt of payment to request an e-blast. Specify if you would like to email the full SPN membership or just a specific state/region.
  2. SPN staff will let you know of our next available dates to send an e-blast to the membership and send an invoice for payment.
  3. Once payment has been received, SPN staff will send a draft of your e-blast for review. Please ensure your content meets the following guidelines:

E-blast Content Guidelines

  • If you would like to send an e-blast with specific formatting, please consider sending over the content as an HTML file with all images already hosted through your own website.

  • Please note: The SPN E-Blast service is not able to send attachments. We will make every attempt to include your desired formatting, within the limits of our system.

  • If you plan to send a text e-blast and would like to include images, please send a Word document mockup of your e-blast layout. All images should be JPG or PNG format. Images should be no wider than 600 pixels.

SPN cannot guarantee a number of open rates or click-throughs for any E-Blast purchased.