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The Journal of Pediatric Nursing provides original, peer-reviewed research that is based on the philosophy that pediatric nursing incorporates a family-centered approach. It serves as a forum for the dissemination of current information in the field of pediatric nursing. Each issue will appeal to the staff nurse as well as management and will provide the reader with a lasting reference source. Divergent points of view are presented to provide a comprehensive discussion of subjects needed by pediatric nursing professionals.

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SPN offers a variety of options to assist you in publishing. Our SPN Department Column is a forum to communicate Society news and to inform members of initiative and projects supported by SPN members. If you are interested is submitting to the SPN Department, please review the topic areas, article deadlines and appropriate Editor to contact.

Topic Areas

  • Quality Improvement Projects
  • Leadership
  • Evidence Based Practice
  • Case Studies 
  • Small research/pilot or feasibility study
  • SPN Initiatives 

2019-2020 Article Deadlines

  • November/December - Due August 1
  • January/February - Due October 1
  • March/April - Due April 1
  • May/June - Due February 1
  • July/August - Due April 1
  • September/October - Due June 1

SPN Department Editor
SPN Clinical Editor 
Role: Reviews and edits submissions to 
SPN Department
Role: Mentors novice authors* for submission 
to SPN Department 
Sandra Mott
Mary Frances Pate
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Novice Author Guidelines

*Novice author is defined as someone who is the lead author and has not published in a cited journal in the past.  

**If you do not meet the criteria for a novice author but would like feedback on your clinical manuscript prior to submitting to JPN, please reach out our Clinical Editor, Mary Frances Pate.  Or you can submit directly to JPN here 

Please allow up to seven days for a response from these volunteer driven positions.