The purpose of SPN eNews is to communicate society news, chapter and member accomplishments, and highlight member benefits in a quick, easy to read format.


Submit an article to SPN eNews

  • SPN eNews submissions should be sent via email to SPN eNews Editor LaDonna Northington. Sumissions are due to the SPN eNews editor four weeks prior to the publication date. 
SPN eNews Upcoming Deadlines:

 Submit your article by the following dates in order to be considered

  • May (4/27/2018)
  • July (6/29/2018)
  • September (8/31/208)
  • November (10/26/2018)
SPN eNews Submission Guidelines:
  • Each issue of SPN eNews has a theme related to pediatric nursing. Submissions are welcomed that relate to that issue’s theme or in another area of SPN membership outlined in the above purpose statement. 
  • Topics should be within the focus of the purpose of SPN eNews.
  • Length depends on the content focus, and may range from 1-2 paragraphs to approximately 2-2.5 pages in length.
  • Photographs of chapter groups, members, and volunteers serving others are welcome as long as the author gets written permission from the individuals in the photo to have the photograph published in SPN eNews.
  • Examples of articles that SPN eNews welcomes include articles related to individual accomplishments, hospital or unit accomplishments/activities/projects, (include how these relate to SPN’s mission), and patient care interventions/outcomes (as long as permission is granted or pseudonyms are used).
  • Please include the proposed title of the article, author’s/authors’ name(s) and credentials, membership focus (SPN office, committee, local chapter office, and name of  local chapter membership), and contact e-mail for the primary author
  • Articles with multiple authors should agree (with all those who contributed) prior to submission the order of the authors’ names following the title plus identify the primary contact for the article.
  • Manuscripts should be typed and emailed to lnorthington@umc.edu.
  • Authors should reference all sources used within their article.


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