Turning Your passion into action

The Society of Pediatric Nurses and the Healthcare Policy and Advocacy Committee are pleased to present this information to support your Advocacy initiatives. We intend to engage pediatric nurses in an ongoing dialogue and action to promote and improve health and healthcare for all children and their families though advocacy in health care organizations and by influencing public policy.

Every pediatric nurse can be an advocate as s/he has the passion and skills needed to promote positive outcomes for children in all settings. As SPN’s mission states, we can promote excellence in all we do including our advocacy efforts.

These informational pages —a continuous work in progress—will provide you with some basic information about advocacy, offer ideas and suggestions for developing your advocacy role and empower you to make an even greater difference for children and families by expanding your advocacy work from clinical health care settings to forums with our elected leaders.

We welcome your suggestions, ideas and participation. Please let us know how we can improve this information to enhance your advocacy work through these resources. 

SPN's Healthcare Policy and Advocacy Committee's current priorities include:

  1. Gun Violence and Safety for Children
  2. Substance abuse, focusing on opioid epidemic and vaping
  3. Immunization for children

Is there a pediatric nursing issue you would like the HPAC to explore and potentially address?

Let us know by sending an email to info@pedsnurses.org [subject line: HPAC Submission]. Please include links to supporting information around the issue.