SPN is Releasing Two Core Competency Documents

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The SPN Board of Directors has identified priorities as part of the SPN strategic plan to enhance the pre-licensure educational preparation and support the transition of the graduating nurse generalist into the profession of pediatric nursing through the development of core competencies for both pre-licensure and pediatric nurse residency programs.

To develop these core competencies, the Board commissioned two task forces of subject matter expert volunteers to draft documents in each of these areas.

The pre-licensure document lists evidence-based core competencies that prioritize and determine the foundational knowledge, skills and attitudes in pediatric nursing for the graduating nurse generalist.

The pediatric residency document lists evidence-based core competencies that prioritize the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to begin practice as a licensed professional nurse in a pediatric acute care setting.

The documents have been opened to the public for a three-week review period. Documents can be viewed at the following links:

Pediatric Pre-Licensure Core Competencies
Pediatric Residency Core Competencies

Comments should be received by SPN at the following link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/SPNCoreCompetencies on or before April 11, 2017 to ensure consideration.

Comments should be set forth as follows:

  • Comments/objection;
  • Rationale for comment/objection; and
  • Suggested alternative text to resolve comment/objection.


  1. The above format is not required for comments concerning typographical errors; simply identify the nature and location of the error (eg, by page and paragraph).
  2. Failure to comply fully with these instructions may cause comments to be considered non-persuasive.

The commenting period will remain open until April 11, 2017. After this review period, the document and comments will be reviewed by the SPN Board of Directors and changes made as warranted. After the revision, the document will be prepared for approval and posted on the website.

Thank you for providing your comments on these documents.