Position Statements

Position statements are produced or endorsed to assist in establishing best practices and standards of care within the pediatric patient population. SPN continuously reviews important topics to our members to determine if there is a need to create or endorse a statement.

SPN produced and endorsed position statements are reviewed at a minimum of every two years. All position statements go through committee and Board of Director review prior to approval.

SPN Produced Position Statements
Date File
2020-02-26 Disaster Management for Children and Families Details
2020-01-03 Child Health Content in the Undergraduate Curriculum Details
2020-01-03 Safe Staffing for Pediatric Patients Details
2019-08-12 Pediatric Bill of Rights Details
2019-07-22 Overweight Children and Adolescents Details
2019-06-21 Transition of Pediatric Patients into Adult Care Details
2019-06-21 Early School Start Times (Consensus Statement) Details
2019-06-20 Child Welfare Details
2019-02-04 Weighing Pediatric Patients In Kilograms Details
2019-01-07 Immunizations Details
2017-05-25 The Role of Pediatric Nurses in the Promotion and Protection of Human Milk and Breastfeeding Details
2017-02-22 Tobacco Exposure in Children, Adolescents and Families Details
2014-07-08 Early Childhood Development Details

SPN Endorsed Position Statements