Position Statements

SPN defines a position statement as a statement that is relevant within the current healthcare environment. It clearly and succinctly states our position on a controversial or debatable topic.

The following position statements provide a well-thought-out starting point for advocacy around that particular issue. Use these statements to serve as a reference to support your policy at your institution.

SPN produced and endorsed position statements are researched, written and reviewed by pediatric nurses with specialized expertise in the area of concern. All position statements go through committee and Board of Director review at a minimum of every two years.

Our statement on Racism and Inequality (June 2020)

The Society of Pediatric Nurses (SPN) believes that Black lives matter. We stand in solidarity with those who call for awareness and action against racism and inequality. We hold the fundamental belief that all children deserve fair and equitable access to resources to survive and thrive. We believe in the dignity of our members and in every child and family that we serve. SPN is committed to providing its leaders and members with education on racial bias and to advocating for policies that promote social justice and reduce disparities

SPN Produced Position Statements
Date File
2020-09-18 Significance of Population Health in Pediatric Nursing Details
2020-07-13 SPN Responds to Impact of Separating Children from their Caregivers Details
2020-04-23 Tobacco Exposure in Children, Adolescents and Families Details
2020-04-23 The Role of the Pediatric Nurse in the Promotion and Protection of Human Milk and Breastfeeding Details
2020-01-03 Child Health Content in the Undergraduate Curriculum Details
2020-01-03 Safe Staffing for Pediatric Patients Details
2019-08-12 Pediatric Bill of Rights Details
2019-07-22 Overweight Children and Adolescents Details
2019-06-21 Transition of Pediatric Patients into Adult Care Details
2019-06-21 Early School Start Times (Consensus Statement) Details
2019-06-20 Child Welfare Details
2019-01-07 Immunizations Details
2014-07-08 Early Childhood Development Details




 SPN Endorsed Position Statements