join spn in Celebrating Pediatric Nurses Week october 7-11, 2019

The mission of this week is to promote pediatric nursing, the practice of nurses dedicated to promoting the optimal health of children and providing excellence in nursing care of children and their families. This week calls attention to the critical work that pediatric nurses provide to improve healthcare delivery. It is a time to reflect on the contributions pediatric nurses make to patients, families, and communities. 

Purchase Pediatric Nurses Week Swag:

  • Pediatric Nurses Week Button Package - 25 buttons to distribute among your coworkers and peers. 
  • Institutional Package - Everything you need to celebrate with your floor or unit!

The Institutional Package is available for pre-order through August 30th. After August 30th, limited quantities will be available. The package includes:

      • 100 Buttons
      • 100 Thank You Cards for your fellow nurses 
      • 1 Celebratory Banner
      • 1 Lunchbox to raffle off to an all-star nurse on your floor or unit

Please note: All Pediatric Nurses Week products will ship the week of September 23, 2019 

Free to Download: 

  • Thank you cards print out and let your colleagues know how much you appreciate them!
  • Coloring sheet - a fun activity for your patients 
  • PNW Banner - take to your local printing store to print or order an Institutional Package to save time and money!

Celebration Ideas

Here are some fun ways that you can celebrate with your nurses in the pediatric department:

  • Hold celebration raffles and give out prizes
  • Create "Why I Chose Peds" posters to hang in your hospital
  • Incorporate a fun theme for the week
  • Activities for the kids like face painting, scavenger hunts 
  • Games for patients and their families
  • Host a potluck, staff breakfast or ice cream social

2019 Pediatric Nurses Week Advocacy Campaign

This year while we celebrate all of the achievements of pediatric nurses around the United States and the world we encourage every pediatric nurse to raise their voice and advocate for the health of children. We challenge you, to send a letter to your Senator to encourage the fair treatment of children at the border. This is an issue around the health and well-being of innocent children. Our goal is to ensure every Senator in the United States hears the voice of the pediatric nurse on this issue. Send a letter today!

Social Media Photo Contest

To participate in the 2019 social media contest, follow the below instructions:

  1. Post a picture on Facebook or Twitter using #ProudPediatricNurse and show us why you're proud to be a pediatric nurse. (The post can be on a personal account or institution's account - just be sure to use the hashtag!)
  2. Share the picture with your family and friends and encourage them to like, comment and share your picture.
  3. The picture with the most likes on Monday, October 14 will win.

The winner will receive a 2020 Pediatric Nurses Week package for their institution to celebrate next year!

Past Winners

Riverside University Health System
2019 Winner

PNW Winner 2019.jpg

Wolfson Children's Hospital
2018 Winner


Children's Hospital New Orleans

2017 Winner


Student Nurses at UC Davis   
2016 Co-Winner


Pediatric ICU at Cedars-Sinai   
2016 Co-Winner

Pediatric ICU and Pediatric Nurses_20161006_004 (1).jpg

Riverside University Health System   

2015 Winner  

Riverside University Health System (1).JPG

Citrus Valley Medical Center

2015 Runner-Up

Citrus Valley (1).jpg