Position Statements

SPN defines a position statement as a statement that is relevant within the current healthcare environment. It clearly and succinctly states our position on a controversial or debatable topic.

The following position statements provide a well-thought-out starting point for advocacy around that particular issue. Use these statements to serve as a reference to support your policy at your institution.

SPN produced and endorsed position statements are researched, written and reviewed by pediatric nurses with specialized expertise in the area of concern. All position statements go through committee and Board of Director review at a minimum of every two years.

Topic: SPN Produced Position Statements
Owner: Kim Eskew, MBA, CAE
Date: 2019-01-07

Pat Turbett, RN
Approved: August 2003

Revised: October 2016
Approved by SPN Board: October 2016

Revised: October 2018
Reviewers:Laura Kubin and Nichole Hackbarth
Approved by SPN Board: October 2018

Revised: October 2020
Reviewers:Laura Kubin 
Approved by SPN Board: October 2020

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 SPN Endorsed Position Statements