You can make a difference

Become Influential

Why be Influential? Nurses are the largest and most trusted healthcare profession in the United States. Nurses are most influential as they practice in clinical settings, particularly at the bedside. Our identity and status as nurses brings with it the potential of being influential in various situations beyond the traditional clinical setting.

Get Started

Increase your level of involvement in the workplace and the profession. Join at least one committee in your organization or work setting. Committee participation will increase your visibility, allow you to network with others, and give you the opportunity to form alliances. Join your professional associations and volunteer for committees or other activities.

Learn all you can about your workplace and SPN 

   Here are some ideas on how you can get more involved.  

  • Read about SPN's vision, mission and beliefs
  • Get to know the people in leadership roles
  • Be visible in the organization by attending meetings, joining committees and contributing to the organization’s newsletter or activities
  • Introduce yourself to people in the organization and let them know about your work
  • Expand your personal and professional network.
    • Your immediate family, friends and neighbors make up the core of your personal network, peers and colleagues are your initial professional network. You can expand your network in person, within organizations, and online like SPN's discussion forum.

As registered nurses you have intimate knowledge about health care, patient outcomes, and consumer health care needs. If you share this with others; it will come back twofold. 

Knowledge is power, so continue to develop yourself and your skills and never stop learning. Take advantage of continuing education opportunities like the ones SPN offers