Upcoming Webinar - A Grassroots Toolkit for Gender Affirming Care

In April 2022, SPN shared our intent in providing the membership with tools and resources to mobilize the pediatric nurses’ voice on the state level. SPN believes that protecting, advocating for, and ensuring children’s welfare is a priority to SPN and our membership. Policy initiatives that curtail or limit access to healthcare contradicts a core tenant of the healthcare provider mission. It also directly conflicts with pediatric nurses’ mission to advocate for, and protect, their patients’ rights.


Legislation seeking to ban or limit gender-affirmation care for minors has begun to crop up—and make progress—in many state legislatures. Any disruption to healthcare access, regardless of gender status, creates the potential for significant harm. Policies that impose deliberate barriers to gender-affirming care targets the physical and mental health of minors seeking this care. Research shows that denying or limiting minors’ access to gender-affirming care can have significant health implications that may result in anxiety, depression, and suicide.

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Wednesday, August 31 at 12PM Central
Panelists: Niki Fogg, Laura Kubin, Michaela Lewis, Michelle Cole, Maria Panayotou, Heidi McNeely

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