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February 2024

Heightened Risk of Congenital Malformations in Children Born to Mothers with Asthma
Contemporary Pediatrics | February 13, 2024

Screen Time and Sleep Duration in Pediatric Critical Care
Journal of Pediatric Nursing | February 1, 2024
Infants With Severe Lower Respiratory Tract Infection Have Greater OSA Risk
Clinical Advisor | February 5, 2024
Syphilis Infection Risks Raising in Infants
CNN Health | February 13, 2024
Study Reveals High Rates of Intellectual Disabilities among Youth in Foster Care 
News-Medical | February 13, 2024
Navigating School-Based Mental Health Services
Contemporary Pediatrics | February 9, 2024
If We Know Better, Why Don't We Do Better? 
Journal of Pediatric Nursing | February 1, 2024
Long COVID in Children: A Closer Look Reveals Lasting Impacts
News-Medical | February 11, 2024
Maternal Tobacco Use Tied to Late Childhood Neurocognition Deficits
Contemporary Pediatrics | February 13, 2024
Development and Psychometric Analysis of a Pediatric Cancer Survivors Psychosocial Late Effects Scale (PCSLES)
Journal of Pediatric Nursing | February 1, 2024